Increase in fuel prices is not an environmental tax, but a crisis tax, says Slaveski


The proposal for introduction of the so-called environmental tax on fuels does not deviate from this established rule. This can be seen from the explanation offered by the government and its leaders for the reasons for the introduction of this tax, saidTrajkoSlaveski from the ranks of VMRO-DPMNE at Thursday’s press briefing.

“The aim is reportedly to contribute to environmental protection by supporting the transition from using fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. They convince us that rising fuel prices were based on the well-known “polluter pays” principle. Undoubtedly, the introduction of an additional fuel tax, through rising prices, will increase state budget revenues. Rising prices will negatively affect the standard of living of citizens and increase the cost of transporting goods and passengers. Additionally, the eventual introduction of this new duty comes at a particularly unfavorable moment, when the price of crude oil on world stock exchanges is high and its further growth is expected. It should be reminded that the price of crude oil on the world stock exchanges last year has increased by 90% and only in the last month has increased by 10% and this will certainly affect the increase of retail fuel prices,” said Slaveski.

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