Activist Pangovski: If homosexuality cannot be “learned”, why should there be lessons for it?


I absolutely support the Hungarian law that protects children from propaganda, this time LGBT propaganda,” said activist Sasho Pangovski of the Bojkotiram movement.

He adds that society has prescribed the status of minors and adults, and for minors until adulthood their parents are responsible and decide on their behalf many things, from banal to complex such as – what to eat, where to live, where to go to school, how long will spend on the computer, etc.

“According to this law, which is made to protect minors from unwanted things, thus putting their lives under the protection of their loved ones and the decisions that a minor makes are approved / rejected by his parents, the absolute right of the parent is to CHOOSE what is best for their child at some point in his juvenile life. The state MUST NOT promote and advertise sexual options for children. Children are born asexual and without prejudice, prejudices learn from us and nature takes care of sexuality. Exposing children to homosexual, heterosexual, transsexual and any non-sexual propaganda is a crime against humanity, and we say children are the future. School is a place for science – propaganda of any type should be done OUTSIDE SCHOOLS,” Pangovski said.

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