(VIDEO) Pendarovski criticizes Zacarias: It undermined all the efforts made by her government colleagues


President Stevo Pendarovski, who is paying an official visit to Croatia, sharply criticized the address of the Portuguese Minister after her scandalous statement that the “North Macedonian language” was once Bulgarian.

“I sincerely regret the profoundly misleading statements that undermined all efforts and the excellent and balanced proposal previously made by Portuguese Foreign Minister Da Silva. Only politicians who try to interpret historical epochs are worse than historians who deal with politics,” Pendarovski said.

The good news is that Portugal’s EU presidency is over, Pendarovski added.

“Have no dilemma about Slovenia, Slovenia isn’t Portugal. Slovenia is one of the best champions of Western Balkans integration into the EU since the country knows the region very well,” President Pendarovski told a news conference.

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