Employees of a public enterprise in Vinica received a salary of three euros


Hundreds of employees in the PE “Solidarnost” based in Vinica were paid in the amount of 100 denars, or about three euros for the month of May.

The union organization in the company confirmed this payment, explaining that the financial situation at the moment does not allow workers to receive regular amounts of wages.

“It is true that the employees were paid the May salary of 100 denars each, and the reason for that is that there is no interruption in the settlement of liabilities for health and pension insurance contributions, because the account does not have enough funds to pay a regular salary. These are debts from ten years ago, the amount of which is around seven million denars, and they have arrived for collection only now,” said Pavle Stojkovski, acting President of the trade union organization of “Solidarnost”.

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