I’m not trying to please SDSM, but I work hard to show that Macedonia has the strength for change, says Mickoski


I’m not trying to please SDSM, but I am working bloodily to show that Macedonia has strength and change and a better life, says VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with Alfa TV, responding to the campaign that SDSM leads against him.

“The government has been campaigning against me for four years, they started saying that I was a servant of Mijalkov and Gruevski, and then one name disappeared in the statements of SDSM, only Gruevski remained, now Gruevski is not either, so they call the anti-Western Mickoski. But I do not work to please them. I want to show that this Macedonia can live the dream I dreamed of it. I should not like SDSM, but I know how to work hard and so far in my life when I worked I have done something. I want to show just that,” Mickoski said.

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