No need for new restrictions, focus put on vaccination as a protection mechanism


The epidemiological situation is stable and there are no discussions over making vaccination certificates and negative PCR tests for foreign or Macedonian nationals mandatory upon entry into Macedonia. The focus is currently being put on vaccination, as a protection mechanism, Health Minister Venko Filipche said on Monday.

According to him, it doesn’t make sense to ask some arrivals for vaccination certificates and negative PCR tests and not others.

“In that regard, the situation is really stable. Other countries are registering a spike in cases, despite restrictions. That’s why we’re putting the focus on vaccination, as the only mechanism for boosting herd immunity and preventing another virus wave,” Filipche told reporters.

He stressed that there’s a rise in new cases in the UK, but no casualties, which is the goal of vaccination.

“That’s what our policies are based on. The mechanisms we have in place – campaigns, field vaccination, they all aim to increase interest for vaccination. We’ll likely see new virus variants and mutations, but vaccination is how we restore normal life,” Minister Filipche said following a visit to the new vaccination site at the Shuto Orizari Polyclinic.

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