Dr. Danilovski: I expect an increase in COVID-19 cases, but not overcrowding in hospitals


Professor Dragan Danilovski in a conversation with “Factor” says that the delta variant does not pass even our country, but for now we remain a safe country. He stressed that the autumn wave will depend on several factors, as well as the need for children to return to classrooms.

It is obvious that the number of cases will start to grow slowly this summer, but if the hotspots are successfully neutralized, identification and isolation of all their contacts, there will be no inflammation, says the professor.

As for the possible autumn wave of the coronavirus, prof. Danilovski says that the intensity of what is predicted for September onwards depends on several things.

“It is clear to everyone that, since we are part of a closed system of bound vessels, it is inevitable that the new strain will spill over to us. The form of the autumn wave depends on the success of stopping the entry of infected individuals from abroad by requesting a negative PCR test for each passenger, localization of the hotspots at the local level and the reached threshold of collective immunity until the autumn,” explains the epidemiologist.

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