Great tragedy: Boy (aged 25) and girl (aged 22) took their lives due to illicit love


 A double tragedy happened in the Shtip area within 24 hours, a boy and a girl took their lives by hanging due to illicit love. The lifeless body of a twenty-five-year-old boy was found yesterday at the “Bargala” site, and this morning of his 21-year-old girlfriend from the village of Argulica.

The Shtip Police spokesperson Gordana Panajotova confirmed that this morning at 9.20 am the police received a call from the Emergency Medical Service for a female body found in a family barn in the village of Argulica. The place was inspected, and the public prosecutor ordered an autopsy on the deceased girl.

The boy and the girl were in love, but, as some residents say, they were not allowed to be in a relationship by one of the families. A farewell letter was found next to the girl’s body this morning.

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