July electricity bills higher, Besimi urges MPs to pass law on reduction of VAT on electricity


Without reduced VAT, EVN Home will have to deliver the July bills for consumed electricity to the citizens, which in fact will be more expensive from that month. The Government has decided to amortize the increase by reducing the Value Added Tax from 18 to 5 percent, but given that the amendments to the Law on VAT have not yet passed in Parliament, it is certain that the bills that will reach the citizens will be higher. The Energy Regulatory Commission approved a 12.5 percent increase in electricity prices from July this year. Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi says today that until the new legislation is adopted, a lower VAT must not be calculated. He assures that it is a matter of days or weeks at most to adopt the changes.

“The reduced VAT is still in the parliamentary procedure. It will be calculated from the time it is adopted, but I think it is a matter of days before these changes are adopted. The new accounts cover the period before the ERC decision and cover part before that decision and one week after that decision. It is a technique that is implemented. Until the law is passed in Parliament, the bills will be higher. As soon as they pass, a lower VAT will be calculated. The intention was clear to us and it is clear, to reduce VAT from 18 to 5 percent,” said Besimi.

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