People to travel by train from Skopje to Sofia until 2027


By 2027, we will travel by train between Sofia and Skopje, and after 2030 we will be able to go to sea in Albania, because the Transport Corridor 8 will be built, General Manager of the Bulgarian state company Railway Infrastructure KrasimirPapukciiski, told reporters.

Today, for the first time, a high-level meeting was held with representatives of the National Railway Infrastructure Company of Bulgaria, Macedonian Railways – Infrastructure and Albanian Railways, at which the construction of Corridor 8 was discussed.

It was attended by KrasimirPapukкiiski, General Director of DP NKZI, HariLokvenec, General Director of Macedonian Railways and AniDirmishi, Executive Director of Albanian Railways. A cooperation agreement was signed to form a joint group. Bulgaria has such a group with the Republic of North Macedonia working on the Devebair tunnel project.

It is a pan-European corridor that will meet European requirements so that all railway infrastructure operators can use it, and there are 12 such operators in Bulgaria, Papukciiski said.

Private carriers are expected to apply in Macedonia and Albania as well.

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