Citizens mostly report discrimination in the workplace


Citizens mostly reported discrimination in the workplace. In the first five months of this year, the Commission for Prevention of Discrimination acted on 90 complaints submitted by individuals and legal entities. According to the Commission, it is necessary to raise the awareness of the citizens in order to be able to recognize discrimination, because in most of the complaints the basis for discrimination cannot be determined.

“Of the total number of cases reviewed, 25.5 percent were filed by women, 35.5 percent by men, 32.2 percent were filed by legal entities, while 6.8 percent were filed by a group of citizens. Unfortunately, the analysis of the reported discrimination procedure cannot be conducted because in most of the complaints the complainants do not report the basis and the content cannot be determined. “The commission plans to overcome this problem by creating a template,” said IrfanDeari, a member of the Commission for Protection against Discrimination.

The commission gave a negative opinion on the proposal to have an ethnicity column in the ID cards, guided by international practice. The ethnic column in personal documents can cause discrimination on ethnic grounds and increase racial ethnic profiling. The members of the Commission also pointed out the poor working conditions, insufficient number of employees, office supplies, and minimal resources that they hope will be overcome soon.

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