Arsovski: State Department notes corruption and crime of senior government officials


SDSM have a serious problem with reality and shamelessly lie to the public. Crime and corruption in Macedonia are in the first place and their creators have a name and surname, ZoranZaev, Oliver Spasovski, SDSM and the whole criminal Zaev–led Government and judiciary, said VMRO-DPMNE spokespersonDimcheArsovski at Sunday’s press briefing.

“That this is the case is also noted in the US State Department report, which explains and notes the high level of corruption and involvement of government officials. Macedonia has become synonymous with corruption and crime. Anti-corruption laws are occasionally poorly enforced and selectively prosecute critics of the government and petty offenders. There are serious allegations of corruption in the police, judiciary and many other sectors Many companies operating in Macedonia, including US companies, point to corruption as a problem in awarding public tenders and in the judiciary, according to a State Department report. We all know that instead of real criminals, journalists who are critical of the government are being prosecuted,” Arsovski said.

“The State Department report, like the Transparency International report before it, is not a matter of perception, but is the painful reality where SDSM brought us,” Arsovski added.

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