Government on State Department report: We’re determined and seriously committed to resolving issues noted in international reports


Macedonia’s government is closely reviewing all findings and aspects of the US Department of State report before sending remarks to all involved stakeholders in a bid to further enhance anti-corruption policies and to improve the investment climate in the country, the government has said.

“The government is determined and seriously committed to solving decades-long issues. To curb high corruption and organized crime is a top priority in national reforms, which are already producing results,” reads the press release.

Filtering the judiciary, increasing transparency of the institutions, the new strategy for asset confiscation, digitization of institutions and improving the public procurement system are irreversible processes setting hurdles for every former, incumbent and future office holder when it comes to corruption, according to the government.

“International and national reports with all noted data serve as an additional motive for the government to resume its relentless fight against corruption and establish a system in which the institutions serve only the citizens. With taking measures and launching initiatives, the government of North Macedonia is sending a serious message to all office holders, civil servants and citizens that any involvement in corruption would be sanctioned,” said the press release.

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