Anticorruption challenges Law on Corridors before Constitutional Court


The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) on Monday submitted to the Constitutional Court an Initiative for assessing the constitutionality of the Law on Determining Public Interest and nominating a strategic partner for implementation of the project for construction of infrastructure corridor 8 (section: Tetovo – Gostivar – Bukojcani and the project for the highway Trebenishta – Struga – Kjafasan) and the corridor 10 D (section of the highway Prilep – Bitola), with a special proposal for issuing a temporary measure to stop its application until the court rules.

The Law, which has already been published in the Official Gazette, by the SCPC after the anti-corruption review, assessed that it has a high risk of corruption and conflict of interest and essentially suspends the legal system in the country, excluding the application of other laws in whole or in part. They believe that the adopted law and the application of the provisions of the law in practice will mean violation of the principles on which the fight against corruption and conflict of interest is based.

“There is no public interest where there is such political wisdom, intrigue. In the function of the public interest, it is necessary to openly, transparently appear before the people and say why and how things are set, and not to pass a law in the Parliament in a shortened procedure, which is very important for the whole country,” said the SCPC head Biljana Ivanovska.

The explanation of the opinion of the SCPC on this law, among other things, says that the Constitution guarantees the freedom of the market and entrepreneurship and the obligation of the state to provide equal legal position to all market entities and in direct contradiction with the obligation of the state to take measures against monopoly position and market behavior.



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