Citizens disappointed after yesterday’s fire – the government must be punished in the next elections!


The fire in the area of ​​Kochani mountain villages KostinDol and Novo Selo has not been extinguished yet, but it is already being brought under control with the support of army helicopters. This is today’s short balance after the sleepless night of the people of Kochani, but also of the whole of Macedonia, which listened with concern to the news about the battle with the tongues of fire. Today the fire is under control, and the population is smoldering with great dissatisfaction with the poor organization and lack of funds and resources in state structures that need to respond in times of crisis.

Kochani and all the fires in Macedonia these days have shown how unprepared the state structures are to respond to such serious security challenges. Citizens demand responsibility. They are calling on voters to punish the government in the next elections via videos on social media.

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