Head of Infectious Diseases Commission: As many people as possible should be vaccinated to avoid re-introduction of lockdown and curfew


Dr. Zarko Karadzovskiin an interview with Alsat TV talked about the epidemiological situation in Macedonia, adding that a patient carrying the Delta strain could infect seven other people, and also criticized the government for not heeding their recommendations not to allow indoor weddings during the summer.

“If then we had dozens of cases, today we have about 1,200 cases, so the situation is uncertain with a tendency to worsen. Why is this happening to us? The complete disregard of the measures in some parts of the country, the large organization of weddings and other parties where no masks were worn, there was no distance or means of disinfection and worst of all – mass gathering of people in small spaces. If you tell me hundreds, I would say that there were thousands of weddings, some of which forgot that the virus exists,” Karadzovski said.

Karadzovskialso urged citizens to get vaccinated.

“The measures we have taken are aimed at motivating citizens to vaccinate as many people as possible to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading. Get vaccinated, and not go to the hospital because the capacities of our hospitals are not unlimited. We have hospitalized 550 patients all over the country, but in the COVID centers we have a large number of people who need hospital treatment, we have spare hospital beds. However, we are faced with a new wave very early, or as we call it, the Delta Variant virus,” Karadzovski said.


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