No quarantine for Afghans arriving in the country


Health Minister Venko Filipche said Saturday that PCR tests and healthcare services will be provided for the Afghan civilians who are expected to arrive in the country.

Vaccination will be also offered for those who are unvaccinated, but they will not be ordered to quarantine.

“Women and children will arrive as well. There will be teams of gynecologists and pediatricians as well, because we don’t know how the situation is there and we want to offer them health services if necessary. They will undergo PCR testing and the unvaccinated will receive shots in the hotels where they will be accommodated,” Filipche told reporters.

The government has announced the country will take in nearly 650 Afghan civilians, who are feeling the country after the Taliban took over the capital Kabul. These include staff of humanitarian missions and their family members, human rights activists, journalists, interpreters, students, scholarship holders and people who had helped NATO forces in Afghanistan in the past 20 years.


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