The government has promised jobs to Afghans and the country is breaking unemployment records, criticizes former MP


Macedonia took on the obligation to take care of the situation in the world, but it is one of the smallest and poorest in Europe. Macedonia fails to provide basic services for its citizens, so the children have not received certificates yet, in Tetovo we cannot provide drinking water, in other cities basic services are not provided, ambulances have not been purchased and the like. Basic services for the citizens are not satisfied, there are no ID cards, formerVMRO-DPMNE MP IlijaDimovski toldSitel TV.

According to Dimovski, from that aspect, Macedonia is not able to take care of itself, and this was shown by the situation with the fires, which if they did not help us from other countries, who knows what the situation would be.

“Then if it were not for the donations with vaccines from other countries, if not for going to Serbia for vaccination, who knows what the situation would be like now,” Dimovski pointed out.

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