The case with arrested diplomats will be acted upon in accordance with international agreements, assures Zaev


Regarding the arrested Macedonian diplomats in neighboring Serbia, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said on Monday that all international agreements accepted by the country would be acted upon, but that all legal acts for the protection of Macedonian citizens would be requested.

“Diplomats do not have the same rights as every citizen until they are asked to do so by a country, and we really cannot take any action for our citizen if someone does not ask for it. And the diplomats themselves, i.e. employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, work at home and work in our missions, i.e. embassies everywhere. They are out for a while, they are at home for a while,” said Zaev.

The Prime Minister said that the authorities will act in accordance with international documents, but that they will also find out all legal acts on how to protect the Macedonian citizens.


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