Pendarovski criticizes: A prisoner involved in a car accident or a prisoner put in detention is unheard of anywhere in the world


President Stevo Pendarovski during his interview with Alsat TV, commented on the case of Zoran Mileski – Kicheec, who was convicted in the big corruption scandal called the “Racket” case in which the former special Public Prosecutor Katica Janeva was convicted to prison sentence.

Mileski is currently suspected of causing a car accident with one victim and several injured, and caused the incident while according to official statements he received a temporary suspension of his prison sentence due to medical reasons.

The head of state, however, said the situation was very absurd, and required a full investigation.

“I have never heard, I have not read anywhere in the world that a prisoner can have a car accident. Maybe if he was in a prison van, so we will say that he is working in that position,” Pendarovski said.


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