Message from the Tetovo protest march: In recent years we have all been silent about the bad things


As previously announced, a protest march was held in Tetovo on Saturday, starting at 13.30, in honor of the victims of the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo.

“I came here on this march as a sign of respect for the dead. Personally, I see myself as responsible, because in recent years we have all been silent, of all the bad things that have happened here and this is a drop in everything, of all the tragedies that have happened here in recent years and I hope the people will already understand that they must to do something, and to do something must be felt by everyone responsible, because by our silence with our swallowing of all the bad things that have happened we have in some way contributed to such things. I hope we will all wake up and contribute to preventing these things,” said BekimDemiri, a participant in the march.

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