Arsovski: If the tender was not rigged, then why did the company first do the reconstruction and then won it?


For several days now, the institutions have been silent about the case of the scandalous rigged tender in PE Vodovod. A tender arranged by Shilegov and Veskovski, with the most extensive documentary documentation that the company KBK Engineering is the one for which the tender was previously agreed. An even bigger nebula is that the company has already done the work, and only then won the tender. It is about pumping out 300,000 euros of public money, money of Skopje citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Dimce Arsovski at today’s press conference.

He pointed out that today he will present the differences in prices, where he will compare how much it would cost to reconstruct a similar street in proportions in 2017 during the time of VMRO-DPMNE, and how much this street costs now, at this rigged tender.

“There is an extensive comparison here in terms of items, item by item how much it would cost. I would like to single out a few things, and focus on the final. For example, geodetic works, ie marking a trench in 2017 if it cost 19.34 denars per meter, now in the time of SDSM costs 168.85 denars or 8.7 times more expensive. Second example, earthworks, ie manual excavation to discover the main water supply network, if in 2017 it cost 250.55 denars per m2, now it costs 797.36 denars per m2 or 3.2 times more. Mechanical excavation of land in a narrow volume of a trench of 0-2 m if in 2017 it cost 100.23 denars per m3, now in 2021 it costs 276.73 denars per m3 or 2.8 times more. Manual excavation of soil in a narrow volume with a trench depth of 0-2m in 2017 cost 250.56 denars, and now costs 478.41 denars per m3 or even 2 times more expensive now. Imagine submerging a trench under low pressure if it cost 1.61 denars per m2 in 2017, now it costs 140.71 denars per m2 or 87.7 times more, while submerging it in high pressure conditions if it cost 2.36 denars per m2 in 2017, now costs 168.85 denars or 71.7 times more. It’s unbelievable,” says Arsovski.



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