Zaev: Nazi Bulgaria is not the same as the Republic of Bulgaria


I, my children and my parents learned that World War II was organized by Nazi Germany, which was joined by Nazi Italy, and then other countries. It is true that Nazi Bulgaria joined then and there should be no dilemma. But it was Nazi Bulgaria and it is not the same as the current Republic of Bulgaria. This was said by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev at today’s press conference when asked about the announcement to delete the term “Bulgarian occupiers” from textbooks and monuments.

It is not about erasing history. History says that the then Bulgaria, the monarchist-fascist government decided to enter into a pact with the fascist countries, while the then Macedonia decided to join the anti-fascist struggle, and there is no dilemma here, PM Zoran Zaev told reporters on Saturday.

“We all know our past, we also know the bitterness and betrayals that took place during the time of fascism, with the cooperation with the occupier at that time and German, Italian and Bulgarian, which was here on the territory of North Macedonia. It will depend on all of us whether we will be Europeans without losing anything from our history and changing, but will we go with the European way of communication and cooperation and give a chance to future generations, without blaming whole generations of heirs,” Zaev added.

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