Former secret police chief sues the country in Strasbourg over 2018, 2019 detention


The former director of the Security and Counterintelligence Directorate (UBK) SashoMijalkov is suing the state in the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, for the detention measure that was imposed on him in 2018 and 2019, for several cases initiated by the SPO.

Specifically, he disputes the detention imposed during the investigation into the Empire, Target and Fortress and Titanic 2 cases.

The lawsuit provides data on the sentence and duration of detention for each of the cases, so it is emphasized that in November 2018 he was remanded in custody in the “Empire” case, due to flight risk. On December 1, his detention was lifted, but then he was assigned a new one in the “Target and Fortress” case, also due to flight risk.

After the statistical statement, Mijalkov’s lawyer said that the detention was illegal and unreasonable.

“The plaintiff claims that the pre-trial detention, set out in the first set of proceedings, was unlawful, arbitrary and unreasonable, in breach of the various aspects of Article 5 of the Convention.  He further claims that the review proceedings before the Skopje Court of Appeals, following his request to lift the house arrest order of 1 February 2019 (ordered in the second proceedings), were not compatible with Article 5 4 4 of the Convention,” reads thestatement.

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