With how many public opinion agencies has Zaev signed agreements in the government


With how many public opinion agencies has Zaev signed agreements in the government, VMRO-DPMNE asked during a press release.

Zaev should not hide behind government announcements and answer whether he financed public opinion measuring agencies with state money, which then came out with polls in which he and SDSM have a good rating? Did Zaev with money of the people pay an agency for measuring public opinion for one need, and that same agency after a few months makes a political poll in which the results are favorable for him? How much does Zaev’s government cost and is the people’s money being misused in a direct political campaign, the party asks.

The opposition party also asks if and how many of those agencies paid by the government have so far come out with a poll for the local elections, and is that result in favor of Zaev?

“What Zaev regularly does in Macedonia, in Austria, which is an EU member state, even if there is a doubt about it, the whole government resigns, if Zaev had followed that example, he would have had to resign 1,000 times. But Zaev has nothing European, he does not resign even when he is caught red handed, but just hides and looks for excuses,” reads VMRO-DPMNE’s press release.

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