Truck carrying diplomatic shipment to the MoFA caught smuggling cigarettes and alcohol


A truck operated by a driver carrying a Macedonian passport was stopped at the entrance to Italy from Slovenia and during the inspection it was determined that cigarettes and alcoholic beverages were being smuggled in the vehicle.

According to the sources, during the routine border formalities, the driver showed documents confirming that diplomatic mail was being transported. But it seems that something did not match in the documentation, so due to suspicion, the scanner at the border crossing was activated and then a search was performed, which is not usually done when it comes to diplomatic mail. And, there was something to see. There was a similar case reported this summer.

Instead of diplomatic mail, which can mean everything from real mail and documents to equipment and furniture for embassies, consulates and apartments of foreign diplomats or means and equipment for renovation, large quantities of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages were “covered” with diplomatic stamps, seals and documents.

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