Nine illegal migrants from India stopped found near Bogorodica border crossing


Police found nine illegal migrants from India near the Bogorodica border crossing in a vehicle heading north on the highway to Skopje.

Macedonia is on the main Balkan migrant route. Most of the illegal immigrants cross into the country from Greece, and then head north to the core EU member states.

On the Skopje – Gevgelija highway, at a place called “Kluchka – village Smokvica”, police officers from the Police Station for Border Crossing “Bogorodica” stopped a passenger vehicle BMW with Skopje license plates, but the vehicle did not obey and continued to move at high speed towards the “Bogorodica” border crossing. The group was intercepted yesterday evening. The driver and co-driver were detained – both smugglers are from Arachinovo near Skopje.

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