We consume more electricity than we produce, the next step is restrictions


We are entering an energy crisis. We consume twice as much electricity as we produce. For daily needs, without announcement, we take electricity from the European network. MEPSO has so far received four warnings from the center in Switzerland about this unannounced intrusion into the European network. So far, we owe about 15 million euros in just one month, say MEPSO officials and add that the restrictions will be necessary, as well as the increase in the price of electricity.

The MEPSO head explains that in such cases energy is taken from the European network and so far the country has done it four times without notice and received four warnings from the Center in Switzerland where the calculations are made.

Macedonia is in a bad energy situation and is suffering the consequences of the problems on the international market. The government decided to procure coal for REK Bitola and TPP Negotino, but the tender for the largest producer in the country, REK Bitola failed.

Energy expert Sanja Bozinovska told Factor that the situation with the thermal units in REK is catastrophic.

“Block 3 is out of order. Block 2 has no coal to operate and operates with maximum fuel oil consumption and low coal with half power at the limit of technical minimum. “Block 1 is out of operation because there is no coal and enormous fuel oil consumption with a maximum of all eight fuel oil burners and thus consumes 16 tons of fuel oil per hour and a load of 120 MW,” said the expert.

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