VMRO-DPMNE: Proof that the Interior Ministry communicates via Viber is an official order from the chief of police (PHOTO)


 Proof that the Ministry of Interior communicates via Viber is an official order from the chief of police where it is said that the chief should be informed via Viber.

The criminal group of Spasovski and Zaev communicated via Viber, just like in the order issued by the Ministry of Interior, according to VMRO-DPMNE.

The communication of Kire Kitanoski, driver of Spasovski’s advisor, Oliver Lukareski, who gives orders in the group – Take his car, kill him, do something. The order of Darko Cuculoski, Commander of the Interior department in Prilep – PP 8 (725) AD – white opel, PP 7 (25) CM, PP 7 (323) AC – 206 caravan, PP 3 (420) – Fiat red, PP 9 (142) AE – Passat green, PP 8 (77) – Rover black. PP 4 (125) AD – Corsa gray, PP 1 (29) CH – Astra gray.

All these vehicles drive for them. Try to remove them immediately. These are orders that were given according to the instructions and the manner in which the order for the Viber communication in the Ministry of Interior was given. The government is in a panic and does not even know where they gave the order. The time of harassment and instilling fear is over. There will be accountability for all crimes. The Public Prosecutor’s Office should act immediately, says VMRO-DPMNE.

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