17-year-old girl dies of COVID-19


The Ministry of Health informs with great sorrow that a 17-year-old patient from the village of Sopotinica, Demir Hisar, died this morning at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions.

“The young patient had a chronic disease of juvenile Diabetes Melitus Type 1 and was not vaccinated. The patient’s complaints were 9 days before she was admitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Skopje. According to the medical reports, on October 18, the young patient requested a medical examination for the first time in KB Bitola. The patient was taken to hospital with low saturation, TT 40C, shortness of breath and pain in the body and muscles. The patient had these symptoms a few days before seeking medical help at the hospital in Bitola. A doctor examined her in pneumophysiology – an outpatient clinic for suspected COVID-19 patients, it was tested for COVID-19 and the same day a result was obtained – COVID-19 positive, the Ministry announced.

The statement said that due to the seriousness of the condition, she was kept in hospital and placed on permanent oxygen support.

The patient is multidisciplinary treated due to the developed complications. During yesterday, the vital parameters of the patient deteriorated dramatically, which led to heart failure. Despite all the diagnostic, therapeutic and resuscitation measures taken, the patient died on Thursday in the early morning hours, the statement reads.

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