Serbs, Macedonians and Albanians to use single work permit starting 2022


Serbian, Macedonian and Albanian citizens starting next year can be counted on a single work permit and a single information system, said today the President of the Chamber of Commerce of SerbiaMarko Čadež.

“We have problems with the workforce. The labor market is becoming really problematic. We have to find, in order to expand the business, to make new deals, we need to have a space where we will realize the work and people with whom we will realize the work. Transportation is becoming more expensive, and what has already been done in the Open Balkans has shortened the journey from the beginning of the initiative until today between these three countries – the route of trucks, goods starting to leave Albania and reach Serbia, in order to day, which saved companies money, Čadež stressed before Thursday’s meeting within the Open Balkans initiative and added that the Open Balkans initiative is crucial for the survival of the economy and jobs in Serbia.

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