Dr. Bekjarovski: For some things we really behave like a herd, we were destroyed by this Delta variant wave


Back in June, I urged citizens to get vaccinated, and they walked in freely everywhere, they were not vaccinated, they had their weddings indoors. And were already destroyed in this Delta variant wave, said Dr. NikoBekjarovskiof the Toxicology Clinic in an interview on Tuesday.

The doctor, listing all the countries in the region such as Croatia and Serbia, and explaining their way of carefully choosing the protection measures against COVID-19 during the summer season, tried to list our mistakes, which result in a large growth of newly infected this period, although experts predict that they do not expect even more difficult COVID-scenarios in Macedonia.

During the interview, the doctor devoted much to explaining the reasons why we are far from immunity of the herd, or known as collective immunity.

“For some things we really act like a herd. On Saturday and Sunday we see Spanish, Italian, English championships, crowded stadiums, and there the mortality is lower due to a well-conducted vaccination. In our country it is higher, and the reason is very simple, first when the vaccines came we all asked about its effectiveness “, said Dr. Bekjarovski.


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