Fire in Macedonian bus very strange, started quickly, says Bulgarian minister


Bulgarian caretaker Minister of Regional Development Violeta Komitova, who is also a fire protection expert, says there is something strange in the fact that the fire started and spread quickly, which happens only in exceptional cases.

“The accident of the Macedonian bus is combined with fire. The fire explosion made it even more difficult because there was no time to react,” Minister Komitova told BNT.

According to her, there was no time for reaction by the passengers because the fire swiftly caught the bus interior.

“One gets the impression that the driver did not attempt to go out, although he had the time to do this. He knew the road because he passed through it every week. Unfortunately, the report from the road inspection has still not been completed,” says Komitova.

She added they would try to alter the speed limits and the road signals, as well as urge the company in charge of this project to finish it sooner.

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