Fortnight is quite enough to reach an agreement with Bulgaria, claims Osmani


The EU Council awaits Bulgaria’s decision, 26 member-states have made the decision regarding the start of accession negotiations. We are all waiting to see if Bulgaria lifts the veto and therefore, we have continued communication. We expect concrete steps in the coming days in the form of exchange of proposals, a meeting among experts from the countries’ ministries of foreign affairs, towards approximation of positions and producing options for solutions, followed by EU’s involvement through the Presidency proposals and completion of the whole package, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani on Sunday.

At a press conference on the chances for a solution to the Bulgaria dispute by the end of the year, FM Osmani said that a fortnight is quite enough to reach an agreement, based on what has been done until now, while adding that two sides are needed for an agreement and we await to see Bulgaria’s position.

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