Minister Bekteshi: The price of electricity will be in the citizens’ interest


I call on the opposition to sit down and review their analysis regarding the energy situation and the announcement of the new price of electricity, said Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi in an interview on the “Trilling” show.

Regarding the announced increase in electricity prices, Bekteshi informed that it was a decision of the ERC.

“The price will be in the interest of the citizens and households. We are making great efforts so that there are no price shocks in the part of the free market, where the larger consumers and the industry as a whole are. In the area of ​​households and small consumers, the market is regulated and prices cannot be changed, because twice a year ERC brings a price for a regulated market. Next year will be 60%. In order for households not to pay higher prices for electricity, in June we made a decision and now we will make another decision for ESM to cover the needs of EVN Home by 100%,” said Bekteshi.

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