SDSM hands healthcare department to Alternativa


Alternativa is definitely given to the Ministry of Health, after party leader AfrimGashi reached an agreement with Prime Minister ZoranZaev, and the media are already speculating on staff decisions after the Prime Minister announced that the new party in the parliamentary majority will get ministerial posts in Health and Information Society, as well as one minister without portfolio.

It has not been confirmed yet that SDSM has already nominated the current director of the Health Center Skopje, Dr. Viktor Isjanovski, as Deputy Minister of Health.

Earlier, there were speculations that BekimSali, who was an unsuccessful candidate of Alternativa for mayor of the Skopje municipality of Chair, will take over the ministerial post of VenkoFilipche in the healthcare department. On Sunday, Prime Minister Zaev claimed that the staff decisions have not been discussed yet.

“We have not decided yet. We have not decided who will get the Healthcare department, and after that we will decide whose staff will cover it. So, everything that has been made public is just speculation, because the truth is that we have not decided yet. It is logical that Deputy Minister of Health should move to another party, and not to Alternativa. In which other party will it be? We have yet to decide where it will be distributed,” said Zaev.

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