Almost 18 thousand fewer SDSM members register to vote for next party leader


The Central Election Commission, in charge of conducting the extraordinary intra-party elections in SDSM, which will be held on Sunday, December 12, informs that according to the Rulebook on the procedure and schedule, 51,228 SDSM members are actively registered and applications are received after the deadlines.

The party commission decided to allow all members who have an electronic membership card to register at the polling station and vote in the by-elections.

Voting in the early elections on December 12 will take place at 194 polling stations across municipal organizations across the country, starting at 8 am, until 7 pm in, according to the ruling party.

During the last direct intra-party elections in March, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev as the sole candidate won a new term as president, and 68,999 party members had the right to vote, who updated their membership. And there were 249 invalid ballots.

Zaev will not participate in these elections. Candidates for Zaev’s successor are Dimitar Kovachevski, Jovan Despotovski and Frosina Remenski.

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