Government is importing electricity at record 350 EUR per MWh, when it could produce it 6 times cheaper


Due to the disastrous policies of the SDSM and DUI government in energy, today Macedonia is on the verge of energy collapse. ELEM current ESM has been turned into a loser who cannot produce even the elementary quantities of electricity, and MEPSO, in addition to being a loser, illegally withdraws electricity from the European network, or steals, VMRO-DPMNE points out in Saturday’s press release.

“Of the three generators in REK Bitola, only one is operational, and that is at half capacity. Our hydro potential is drained out. That is why Macedonia is importing electricity at record prices, when we could be producing electricity at a five or six times lower price. Macedonia is forced to spend 65 million EUR for energy imports to cover up the incompetence of the SDSM-DUI led Government. Let us remind that so far the price of electricity has increased by over 20% only during this government, and even after New Year, according to the standard of the people, they will hit with a new increase,” VMRO-DPMNE said.

The party adds that the criminal SDSM-DUI government has destroyed everything it touched. It ruined the energy facilities and the whole system. Citizens will pay dearly for their incompetence, irresponsibility, crimes and corrupt tenders. There must be responsibility for this!, stresses the opposition party.

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