Mickoski: Macedonia is moving in the wrong direction, we need early elections


VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in an interview with RTV 21 said that things in Macedonia were not going in the right and desired direction and that was why ‘it is necessary to hold early elections and that this is what the citizens say at all public polls’.

“If you ask the citizens if Macedonia whether moving in the right direction, I would say that more than two thirds would say that it is moving in the wrong direction. If you ask them if this government should resign, two-thirds also say it should leave. If we do an analysis of what this government has achieved in one year, you will see that literally nothing has been fulfilled but on the contrary, everything that has been done has been done contrary to what was promised,” he said.

Mickoski said that when all this is analyzed, and on the other hand there is a frustrated opposition and citizens who support that opposition and are in the majority because it received huge support in the local elections – it has the largest number of MPs, has the largest number of mayors and councilors, when all this will be analyzed, then the only way to ventilate all this is a reset, and this is done only by holding early elections.

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