Pardon list causes disagreements between Ministers Marichikj and Nuhiu


The Ministry of Justice led by Minister Bojan Marichikj proposes a list of 48 people to be pardoned, including Aleksandar Vasilevski-Ninja, the public prosecutor’s witness for April 27, 2017, an event that left dozens of Macedonian patriots in prisons in Macedonia.

The list for pardon from serving part of the prison sentence or for full pardon as a proposal to President Stevo Pendarovski also includes businessman Sead Kochan, as well as Boban Ilikj convicted for the murder of four-year-old Almir in Kumanovo and others.

The proposed list for 45 people requires partial pardon, and for three full pardon. Ninja, who was a witness, was later convicted of the same act “terrorism for the events in the Parliament on April 27, 2017”, due to which dozens of Macedonians who are currently in Macedonian prisons were convicted.

The final version of the list will be sent to the Pardon Commission, in the Office of the Head of State, but has already caused controversy in the public and opposing reactions of government officials from the coalition partners SDSM and DUI.

Agim Nuhiu, the Deputy Minister of Justice from the ranks of DUI, issued a statement on social media claiming that he distances himself from the list of pardons of convicts signed by his Minister Bojan Marichikj, which should be sent to President Stevo Pendarovski.


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