ELEM is firing employees, while months ago it hired and still hires via temporary employment agencies


Zaev’s government has brought the energy sector to collapse. Now they cover their incompetence not by hitting the people in charge but the employees.

“We would like to inform you that with Vasko Kovachevski’s signature, the director of ELEM, a conclusion was reached which obliges the directors of the branches to submit a list of jobs with the number of executors who would be sent on forced leave and partial termination of employment by cutting salaries in the amount of 30 percent for a period of three months, a conclusion that he will sign on December 3,” VMRO-DPMNE MP Silvana Angelevska told the media on Friday.

The MP pointed out that this decision comes at the same time when that same Kovachevski, on the same day, December 3, signs a new conclusion requesting to hire people through the Agency for Temporary Employment who would start working on January 1, 2022.

“This means only one thing that the government through Kovachevski intends to punish the party ineligible in ELEM, and at the same time to hire new temporary employees. ELEM only a few months ago employed and now still employs through temporary employment agencies, and at the same time almost fires employees. It is clear that such lists for punishing employees will be filled with persons who do not have a party card of SDSM. Instead of Kovachevski being held accountable for his incompetence, instead of Kovachevski being held accountable for what ELEM has turned into a loser due to irresponsible work, he is hitting the workers. We call for this procedure to be stopped immediately, because otherwise after the change of government, such a political chase by Kovachevski will be revised and Kovachevski will be held responsible for that,” noted the MP.

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