No electricity restrictions, pricehike to be decided on Friday


There will be no electricity restrictions despite the energy crisis in which the country is, claims the head of state power plants VaskoKovachevski for 24Vesti. However, he admits that TPP Negotino and REK Bitola are still not working at full capacity, and that it will not happen until January, 2022. According to Kovacevski, the state power plants will produce enough electricity to fully supply EVN Home, which in turn supplies citizens and small companies with electricity.

After 12 years, the Negotino thermal power plant is reconnected to the grid. It has been producing electricity for 10 days, but at half capacity. Next month, the second boiler will be included, so that TPP Negotino will produce electricity approximately on one block from REK Bitola.

The economy, meanwhile, is facing major problems as suppliers in the open market offer companies electricity several times more expensive than before. Citizens will also have higher bills starting January.

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