Government’s wrong policies of will bring an even worse standard, warns Mickoski


The biggest problem of this Government led by SDSM is that they pursue policies that do not bring us to a final act, they literally brought the country to the abyss and we are proud to fall there. Now we need robust and fast action, we have no other choice. A lot of money will be spent, and that will cost the economy and the citizens, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in the New Year’s interview with Alfa TV.

Mickoski stressed that the wrong policy of the government led by SDSM and DUI will cost the people a lot of money and a worse standard.

“Back in April and May, we warned that this would happen, but the authorities refused and insulted us and lied that the matter was under control, because local elections were approaching. Now the problem is that the energy crisis has arrived, we have higher bills, the companies are in a chaotic state, and they employ several hundred thousand people,” said Mickoski.

“Completely wrong policy of the Government. That is why we say elections are needed, so that we can roll up our sleeves and raise Macedonia from where we will inherit it,” Mickoski said.

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