Trifonov: North Macedonians, I’m sorry, but accession talks date is not going to happen soon…


Slavi Trifonov, the leader of the ‘There Such a People’ movement, proposed that the United States abolish visas for Bulgarian citizens, and that Bulgaria in return would lift its veto on Macedonia to start the accession talks and join the European Union.

“We are now less European than real Europeans. So, I demand that there be no visas for the United States immediately and that we immediately become a member of the Schengen area,” wrote the Bulgarian politician, whose party became part of the ruling coalition.

Trifonov believes that the topic of Macedonia is important for all Bulgarians, because, as he wrote, it is part of national history and over 200 thousand Bulgarian soldiers died for the freedom and unification of the country. He adds that about one hundred thousand Macedonians have a Bulgarian passport, for which it is necessary to prove the “Bulgarian roots”.

“Your history textbooks say that Bulgarians are fascists. Hence, you yourself are fascists,” Trifonov wrote on Facebook.

He also noted that Macedonia will be discussed at the advisory meeting with President Rumen Radev, scheduled for January 10.


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