Pendarovski plans to meet with ethnic Macedonians from Bulgaria


President Stevo Pendarovski intends to hold the meeting with representatives of the ethnic Macedonians living in Bulgaria.

Namely, the party of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria OMO Ilinden Pirin submitted a request to the President for a meeting, to which he responded affirmatively.

The Office of President Stevo Pendarovski insists that he didn’t postpone a meeting with representatives of organizations of ethnic Macedonians from Bulgaria because no firm date was set yet. Sources in the office insist that Pendarovski will meet the representatives at a later date.

The co-president of OMO Ilinden Pirin Stojko Stojkov confirms that the party did send a request and received an affirmative response from Pendarovski, but due to the COVID-19 situation, the date should be further determined.

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