Siljanovska Davkova: Bulgaria’s attitude towards Macedonia is outside the EU principles of unity of diversity


The European Union perceives itself as a unity of diversity. Suddenly, now, it turns out that EU members are promoting a strange EU relationship, you and me. Many times I have quoted Professor Joseph Weiler from Harvard, known for the EU Constitution, when he says that the EU first, although it is called the European Union, is a narrower entity than Europe, and yet it is called the European Union and that the attitude towards candidates and candidates, and candidates for candidates he should change it, because sometimes it pretends to be a judge and a defendant or takes place according to the “be quiet and listen” principle. This does not refer, of course, to the EU as an entity and the bodies, but to some members, said professor and current MP, Gordana Siljanovska Davkova at a forum organized at the central headquarters of VMRO-DPMNE entitled “Protection of national and state interests, instead of market diplomacy”.

The professor pointed this out in relation to the Republic of Bulgaria and its attitude towards Macedonia by imposing various requirements and conditions, such as the request to change the constitution for enrollment of the Bulgarian minority, and for her part did not make any concessions on the set positions, calling it strange a tactic for a member state of the European Union that relies on the principle of unity of diversity.

Siljanovska Davkova pointed out that the principle of reciprocity should apply especially here, ie as Bulgaria demands recognition of the Bulgarian minority in Macedonia, it should do the same, and in Bulgaria to recognize the Macedonian minority and guarantee its rights, which is in accordance and the rulings of the Court of Human Rights brought by the Macedonians in Bulgaria.

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