VMRO-DPMNE submits proposal to end caretaker government law to Parliament


Macedonia and its citizens must no longer live in fear and uncertainty about their future. Macedonia urgently needs urgent early parliamentary elections. For that purpose, the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE and the “Renewal of Macedonia” coalition submitted on Monday a Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Government of the Republic of Macedonia, said VMRO-DPMNE coordinator Nikola Micevski in Parliament on Monday.

“With this Draft Law, we anticipate and demand the deletion of the provisions of the law on the manner of electing the Government, which provided one hundred days before the parliamentary elections to elect a new transitional or technical government,” saidMiceski.

Additionally, he informed that they offered these amendments to the Law on Support and Signature to the parliamentary majority, but they did not comment on this issue. Obviously, they still do not have the attitude and desire to overcome this catastrophic situation in which the Republic of Macedonia finds itself.

“Obviously, they are afraid of the voice of the people and they are afraid of fast and early parliamentary elections with which the citizens will get a popular, efficient and committed Government aimed exclusively at solving the daily problems of the citizens,” noted Micevski.

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