When did Kovachevski promise that the Bulgarians would be included in the Constitution and what does Macedonia get in return?


VMRO-DPMNE says that Osmani and Kovachevski are fleeing from the Macedonian public to announce and share what they are negotiating with Bulgaria.

“The pawn Kovachevski is obliged to answer when he promised that the Bulgarians will be included in the Constitution of Macedonia and what Macedonia gets in return. While the Bulgarian authorities are clearly saying that they are negotiating the opening of the Constitution of Macedonia and the inclusion of Bulgarians in the Constitution and that there is no negotiation for the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria, silence by pawn Kovachevski on the rights of Macedonians in Bulgaria. The draft document that the pawn Kovachevski sent to the Bulgarian government, through his Minister Bujar Osmani in response to the Bulgarian 5 + 1 package is still a secret, and with that there is a growing suspicion that behind-the-scenes negotiations are outside the content of the Resolution adopted in Parliament,” the opposition party said in a press release.

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