Pendarovski: There is no problem for Bulgaria to show piety towards one of the cornerstones of our statehood


I do not see a problem in any of our neighbors expressing piety towards one of the cornerstones of our statehood, regardless of whether there is a formal decision to jointly mark the person and work of GoceDelchev. In conditions when the commission has not yet reached a joint formulation, this is an act of good will from both sides that will help reduce the tensions that followed the Bulgarian veto, said President StevoPendarovskion Friday.

“I do not know if in a formal sense there is a decision for joint commemoration because that should be one of the competencies of the Historical Commission. However, I do not see a problem and it is not so. “Before it existed, you are well acquainted with it, the historical commission, we had joint celebrations at certain events, at certain characters,” Pendarovski said when asked of his opinion on the Macedonian and Bulgarian delegations laying flowers at Delchev’s grave in the church of Saint Spas in Skopje.

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