Eighteen municipalities form an Inter-Municipal Waste Management Board


Eighteen municipalities from the eastern and northeastern regions formed the Inter-Municipal Waste Management Board. This is their direct response that they remain on the position of continuing the construction of the waste factory near the village of Mechkuevci in Sveti Nikole.

The mayor of Sveti Nikole Dejan Vladev maintains the position from two weeks ago, that the waste factory should not be built near Mechkuevci. He announced that the decision will be made at a session of the Council and at the cost of revoking his powers from the Ministry of Environment.

The President of the Council of Mayors of the East Planning Region Ivan Jordanov pointed out that the project continues, because all 18 municipalities and Sveti Nikole are already beneficiaries of European funds.

“The decision is clear and decisive that this project must be continued, which has been going on for years. We, as municipalities, are already end users of this project, because the trucks used by public companies and containers are practically through this project, through the European Union. The next phases must be followed in order to provide a modern way of waste management,” says Jordanov.


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